Service Level Agreement

Updated August 2014

1. Terminology

For the purposes of this agreement the words “A Couple of Nerds”, “We”, “Our” and “Us” refer to A Couple of Nerds ABN 67 845 284 487, and “Site” to materials delivered on

“Subscriber” means the person or entity who placed the order for our services.

“Month” refers to a full calendar month i.e. January 1st to January 31st.

2. Coverage

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers all standard web hosting accounts with Us. It does not include VPS, VDS or other accounts. Only Subscribers who are paying the full price as listed on our website are covered by this SLA – discounted web hosting accounts are not covered by our SLA.


3. Support Response Times

We aim to respond to your support requests within 2 hours between the hours of 10am and 10pm every day. The best way to submit a support request is by emailing us at from the email address registered in your billing account with us. If you are unable to email us, you may also call us on 03 8669 1942. Whilst we always do our best to meet our response times, no compensation will be given if we do not meet these targets.


4. Service Level Uptime

We guarantee that your web hosting account will be available for at least 99.9% every month. This equals a maximum of approximately 43 minutes of downtime in a 30 calendar day month. Only downtime that is caused by physical hardware in our direct control or by a part of the network that is in our direct control will be counted as downtime for the purposes of this agreement. Additionally, scheduled maintenance is not counted as downtime for the purposes of this agreement. We will notify all of our customers via the email address listed under their billing account with as much notification as possible for any scheduled maintenance. Additionally, we will also always schedule maintenance in quiet hours whenever possible.

5. Compensation

If we do not meet our guarantees as set out in this agreement, you will be eligible for 100% of the monthly fee to be credited to your billing account which can be used against future purchases with us. To claim compensation, you must contact us via email at within 30 days of the end of the calendar month that we did not meet our guarantees. No other points of contact may be used when claiming for compensation as set out in this agreement.

6. Monitoring

We monitor our web hosting servers using third party monitoring tools. For the purposes of this agreement, only the data gathered by our monitoring tools shall be used when calculating the downtime for your services.